We offer development services for common XR use cases at a competitive price.

Why Us?

With a significant part of our clientele based in Japan, we strive to adhere to the highest standards of quality of work expected from us.
Our team consists of industry experts with extensive experience in the latest XR technologies.
We’re obsessed with customer satisfaction. As a young startup, we understand that it's crucial to our company’s success.

XR services we provide

3D scanning

Scan your handcrafted products with our photogrammetric scanning solution to create high-quality virtual assets. We built our in-house custom turntable rig, software stack, and development pipeline to automate the scanning, and postprocessing of the generated assets. This lets us capture the objects in all their details in minimal time.
Accurate 3D representation
Web optimized and cross-platform
AR ready
Wide variety of materials.

VR Walkthrough

Create highly immersive virtual worlds that can be accessed with just a URL right from the browser. Host virtual events or meetings and create the ultimate remote collaboration experience.
Want to experience how a renovation looks before committing to it? We can easily create virtual experiences of spaces that do not exist, thereby reducing costly rework and errors.

360 view VR tours

Quickly generate photorealistic digital twins of your existing space. With the help of off-the-shelf 360 cameras, our web platform simplifies the creation of floorplans, markers, and annotations in just minutes. Our platform also supports analytics and heatmaps to quantify user behavior and impressions.